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Forterro leverages global sourcing to significantly increase the R&D capacity of our local product businesses. All of Forterro's offshore centers leverage a proprietary Agile development process and organizational design to ensure optimal productivity. Our talented team of developers, consultants, and IT professionals work in our always-expanding R&D annex in Bangalore. 

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Forterro Bangalore is a home to engineers specializing in platform architectures, software applications, quality assurance, documentation, and Amazon Web Services, to name a few.


Forterro’s development centers build leading ERP software solutions for thousands of industrial SMEs throughout Europe. Because ERP is the system of record for manufacturing companies, it is extremely valuable, and difficult to replace. In fact, most companies will adopt and upgrade the same ERP system for 10 years or more. These factors ensure that our developers enjoy stability within one of the largest and most steadily growing markets in software. 



Forterro’s ERP products are written in a wide range of technologies, allowing our R&D teams to experience both old and new approaches to software architecture and development. But regardless of the technical layer, one thing is certain: ERP software is complex, functionally broad, and must meet the highest of quality standards. As a result, our developers are constantly challenged to build compelling new releases for both new and existing customers.

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As part of our corporate technology strategy and global product portfolio management process, Forterro’s development centers also help to deliver R&D best practices to our product businesses. Our centers of excellence around agile development methodologies; quality assurance; Forterro’s reference architecture; and AWS cloud computing help to drive the technical future and longevity of our ERP software solutions.



We’re more than a development center. We’re a team that focuses on delivering quality solutions that solve real problems. We focus on finding remarkably talented engineers and developing their skills in an open and collaborative environment. Sound good?

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