Michal Gorecko

Michał Górecko

General Manager


Michał Górecko is the general manager for Forterro’s BPSC business unit. As general manager, Górecko is responsible for driving the profitability and growth of Impuls EVO in the Polish ERP market. In his role, Górecko oversees all local functional operations, including sales and marketing; product management; research and development; professional services; and customer support and education.

Prior to his appointment, Górecko held a number of roles at BPSC in sales and customer care. Throughout his tenure, Górecko has helped rebuild new business sales, nearly doubling the annual the deal count. He also played a key role in the creation and management of the company’s customer account management team, overseeing installed base sales operations for more than 10 years before joining the BPSC leadership team in 2019.

Górecko brings nearly 20 years of ERP experience to Forterro, as well as deep market, client and product familiarity from his career in sales and account management. He earned a master’s degree in 2002 from the Silesian University of Technology and did his post-graduate studies at Economical University in Katowice. Górecko also holds an MBA from IAE Aix-En-Provence Graduate School of Management.