Paul Smolinski

Paul Smolinski

Chief Financial Officer


Paul Smolinski is the Chief Financial Officer of Forterro. Smolinski joined the business in March 2021, after a long career as a CFO in international technology companies. As CFO, Smolinski is responsible for corporate finance and global finance, administration, legal, HR and IT operations.

Smolinski brings more than 30 years of financial and operational experience to Forterro, serving in leadership roles at a number of PE-backed and UK-listed technology companies, including CoreHR, Thomson Online Benefits, and Compaq Computer. As part of these ventures, Smolinski has played key role in secondary buyouts and strategic transactions—including the recent strategic buyouts of both CoreHR and Thomson Online Benefits. Smolinski has led a storied career in the technology industry.

He began his career as finance director at Compaq Computer, where he spent more than a decade serving in key roles in both Munich and Houston before becoming CFO of Compaq UK, which produced €3 billion in annual revenue. Before joining Forterro, he directed SaaS transformations at two companies, turning Thomson Online Benefits and, later, CoreHR, into a 100% SaaS companies. Smolinski also holds deep M&A experience, managing the take-private of a $340 million German company and several acquisitions for a UK plc.

Smolinski received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of York. He also qualified as a Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young and is a Chartered Director.