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Clipper is an out-of-the-box ERP system that is fast to implement and easy to use. More than 2,000 companies and 25,000+ users leverage the software every day to manage their production operations. It is especially suited for job shops and other types of manufacturing environments that use pull flows and produce on-plan or in small series. And its customers can utilise its specialised functionality to quickly react to client requests.

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“The implementation of Clipper was a revolution in the workshops. We explained and communicated regularly with our employees about the benefits of the tool. It brought versatility to the skills of the teams. In addition, its implementation is part of a general process of digitisation. The deployment of Clipper at DMG means better follow-up, improvement and efficiency.”

Corentin Bole, Production Manager
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“Faced with cost increases, we had to adapt. For this, we have implemented new indicators in Clipper to monitor this item more closely, including costs and deadlines. Clipper has also greatly enabled us to optimise the management of our stocks. The former manager replenished his to a level he had deemed necessary. With Clipper, we manage our stocks in MRP, to the needs of our customers. The tool has largely saved us money at this level."

Cyril Gloriant, Business Leader
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“We are one of the oldest Clipper users, we even used it under DOS! We have experienced the different evolutions of the tool and its rise in power. The life of our company revolved around Clipper, as the software was enriched with new functionalities. Clipper has accompanied us in our evolution, anticipating our needs."

Jean-Marc Domallain, Business Owner
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“Dashboards are very well designed and allow great flexibility in handling information. I have the indicators needed to manage the company in terms of purchases, turnover and forecasts. This is essential in a context where we have experienced unforeseen periods for several years; COVID, supply difficulties, the war in Ukraine and now the energy crisis.”

Sylvain Croquet, Business Leader
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“Clipper has very deep functional coverage. It is perfectly suited to its market and to our business, with, for example, its management of estimates dedicated to sheet metal workers, or the optimisation of cutting and scrap, essential in our activity."

Yoan Eskinazi, Chairman and CEO
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years' experience

Developed for industrial VSEs and SMEs

Clipper’s production management functionality allows customers to synchronise and rationalise data, while automating tasks to become a performance-monitoring and decision-support tool. It has been constantly developed to meet the needs of the industrial market.


Clipper has been designed for industrial businesses. We know that IT is not their focus, so we have delivered a solution which is intuitive and easy to use.


The software is the result of 30+ years of listening and discussion with our customers. It is perfectly suited to industry business requirements, and can support with complex processes across the production chain.


Clipper ensures quality requirements are met daily, in an increasingly competitive and demanding market, to offer ever more efficient products and services.

Gain greater efficiency with optimised industrial production management.