ERP News: Strategic ERP innovation for the industrial mid-market

Forterro in the news


In ERP News, Dean Forbes, CEO, shares Forterro’s strategy behind its acquisitions, driven by a deep focus on the European industrial mid-market. From leveraging AI and IoT with companies like Prodaso to placing customer feedback at the heart of R&D, Forterro is all about ERP innovation and specialised solutions.

Here's an excerpt from the article: 

“R&D is intrinsic to what we do, and as a software company, there are several ways that we could approach this. Because we are so focused on the industrial mid-market, we choose to place great emphasis on customer product feedback. That’s something I’m incredibly proud of because, despite our rapid growth, Forterro customers still have a very direct line and high[1]impact voice in the roadmap of our products. The primary driver of our roadmaps is still customer feedback boards.” 

“Whenever you see us investing in something, it’s usually because customers have asked for it. The cloud is becoming an ever-greater focus for us, and we are looking at it less product by product and more at a Forterro level. This brings the weight and expertise of Forterro to a singular cloud for process. Rather than 15 products independently trying to chart their own journeys in the cloud, we can collectively move faster and innovate quicker.”

Originally published in ERP News. Read the full article here