Company leadership

Corporate strength, regional knowledge & exceptional talent.

Company leaders holding cogs

Driven forward by global expertise

Under the guidance of our Chief Executive Officer, Dean Forbes, Forterro is led by an experienced and accomplished Executive Board. Together, this group takes overall responsibility for our company operations and performance in our three go-to-market regions – Central, Northern and Western Europe. They also provide robust strategic governance for each of Forterro’s functional departments.

Delivering regional excellence

Forterro’s product lines are developed, sold, implemented and supported by high-performing in-country teams who understand local context. We invest in being close to our customers. This structure means our solutions stay rooted in their geographies and focused on their markets – but with access to the strategic skillsets and resources offered by the full scale of our organisation.

Global expertise & regional excellence

Our team is dedicated to creating a company that delivers great software, to help industrial businesses succeed. We understand the specific challenges these organisations face. And we bring together diverse talent to develop, implement and support the highly specialised software they need. All while being committed to ensuring that Forterro remains a robust, well-funded operation, built for long-term success.
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