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Driven by a passionate team, combining deep industry experience, software expertise & continuous innovation.

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Building a company delivering for our communities

Our team is dedicated to creating a company that delivers great software, to help industrial businesses succeed. We understand the specific challenges these organisations face. And we bring together diverse talent to develop, implement and support the highly specialised software they need. All while being committed to ensuring that Forterro® remains a robust, well-funded operation, built for long-term success.
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Investing in people

Our business is powered by our people, so we invest in that power. From our onboarding programmes, to internships and support of education, the continuous professional development of our colleagues is critical to our success. We also work hard at building a culture and working environment that help our people become their best self – because we want them with us, for the long haul.

People, delivering together

We value our colleagues' skills, and build upon them. Forterro is a place where small teams come together to do big things, and we strive every day to build an enabling environment for our people to thrive. With the right skills, diverse perspectives and the power of teamwork, we give our best to one another to reach our common goals – while allowing individuals to shine bright in their contributions. Our people love our collaborative environment, and the fact they can count on one another to overcome challenges, together.

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Why our team loves working at Forterro

“Two things. First – the people. We have such an amazing team, amazing leadership, and it is a true privilege to get to work with people from different countries and different cultures, fostering an environment where we learn from each other's diverse perspectives. To get the opportunity to learn from others and share knowledge around the organisation is invaluable. Second – the growth opportunity. During my time here at the company, Forterro has consistently championed personal and professional growth. Having a sense of getting better at something and expanding into new areas has been one of the greatest rewards of working within this company.”

Elinor Bohlin Karlsson | Principal Administrator, M&A
Elinor Karlsson - Forterro

“It’s fast-paced, interesting and intellectually challenging work. But the best part is being surrounded by my talented colleagues whom I can always consult with and rely on.”

Paul Nowak | Director, Financial Control
Paul Nowak - Forterro

“Our customers. Of course, the team, work environment and career opportunities also contribute to making Forterro a truly great place. Yet I think the most interesting piece of our business is the broad variety of customers and industries we serve. If industry fascinates you, Forterro is perhaps one of the best places you can be.”

Benoît Wambergue | Vice President, Product Management
Benoit Wambergue - Forterro

Our values

Across Forterro, our shared company values serve as the inspiration and influence for our actions, interactions and the way we achieve together. They reflect our team cohesion, helping unite diverse teams from around the world behind one shared approach. And our values not only shape our culture, but also define our behaviours as we drive forward, together, to deliver on our mission. 

Help us power the future

If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow at a company that values inclusion, impact, meaningful connections, innovative ideas and genuine impact – you’ve come to the right place.

Forward, together with our communities

Over the past decade, Forterro has grown from a provider of on-premise ERP solutions in the Nordics, to a multi-product pan-European software company focused on the needs of the industrial mid-market. We have leveraged that growth, scale and sector specialisation to become a category leader – with 13,000+ customers and counting.