Cloud ERP simplifying production, procurement & quality management.

Fortee manufacturing

About the software

Fortee is a fully featured, cloud-based ERP solution for industrial start-ups and small manufacturing companies. Its 40-day, zero-commitment, learn-as-you-go implementation process is designed to reduce cost and minimise risk – while giving users key functionality and enabling a digital-first approach. The solution delivers desktop and mobile features for production, procurement and quality management, complemented by open APIs that facilitate interoperability with outside machines, suppliers, customers and applications.


Intuitive user interface that’s simple to learn and built to drive productivity.


Flexible search throughout that quickly gets users where they need to be.


Get straight to work with customised dashboards and actionable to-do lists.

Modern tech for modern manufacturers

Start-up companies require start-up technology to match. Small and growing enterprises should not take on the up-front costs or the technical burden of on-premise ERP solutions. With Fortee, you can begin your digital transformation with a modern, cloud-based SaaS product, equipped with mobile apps. With the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting and platform tools, best-in-class security, and the flexibility of open APIs, Fortee delivers ROI early and often – not to mention a future-proof foundation for long-term growth and sustainability.

Looking for an affordable, modern, out-of-the-box system built for growing manufacturers? Say hello to our dynamic cloud ERP!