Smart industry adopters

Worker hand holding pad for check order pick time in smart factory warehouse


The rise of smart industry is happening at a rapid pace, and many organisations are already reaping the benefits by implementing new technologies across their supply chain.

Industrial businesses of all sizes are turning to cloud-based software, data analytics and automated tools to maintain a competitive edge in their sector– and the shift to digitisation shows no signs of slowing down. Industry experts predict that the size of the global smart manufacturing market will more than double over the next seven years, increasing from £247 billion in 2023 to over £600 billion by 2030. [1]

Here we explore the path that three Forterro clients have taken to strengthen operational efficiency and unlock new opportunities for growth.


Streamlining orders and fulfilment on a global scale

Obaby is an award-winning baby brand and manufacturer of nursery furniture, supplying major retailers such as Argos, Wayfair, The Very Group and JD Williams.

Since launching in 2002, the company has expanded into multiple product ranges while significantly increasing its customer base; though its reliance on legacy systems and data-heavy spreadsheets was proving a huge burden on internal resources and holding back international growth.

The company was also suffering from poor traceability and had no real-time visibility of stock or orders. Order processing had to be inputted manually across multiple systems, which delayed customer updates and forecasting.

The solution

Following a lengthy procurement process, Obaby settled on Forterro’s Orderwise system as the perfect solution to meet their challenges. The integrated ERP and WMS software provided Obaby with the scalability it needed to evolve within the industry, while also centralising its processes and streamlining operations.

Orderwise’s integration meant that Obaby’s previous laborious, manual spreadsheet-based stock management processes were unified into a central platform and automatically updated in real-time. 

The results

  • 25% increase in weekly order processing
  • 30% increase in outbound orders
  • 110,000+ orders in a year with a team of just five people
  • Facilitated expansion into Europe and Middle East

Inoplas Technology

Transforming operations with an ERP overhaul

Inoplas Technology specialises in plastic injection moulding and manufacturing services for a wide range of industries. Prior to getting in touch with Forterro’s team, Inoplas relied on a DOS-based ERP system since the 1990s. 

Although the company’s stock control was reasonable, each departments’ interface was different, there was no copy/paste functionality and part numbers had to be in capitals. Manual data entry was proving a cause for concern, plus the ongoing worry that such an old system would soon become unsupported or fail to keep pace with smart industry standards. 

The solution

From a list of 20+ potential options, Inoplas selected Forterro’s 123insight product as the ideal fit for its needs as a business. The software was recommended to Jon Brooks, Managing Director, by several other companies.

Following a rapid launch that took less than three months, Inoplas quickly saw an impact across their commercial departments. It quickly became easier for the sales admin team to add and adjust sales orders, and ensure accuracy when dispatching orders.

The company can now keep track of gross margins in real time and take a proactive approach to adjusting prices based on current data. With the previous system, there was a much longer delay in recognising that margins had been impaired and making necessary adjustments, which meant missing out on cost-saving opportunities.

The results

  • 50% increase in order processing efficiency
  • 60% drop in manual paperwork
  • Improved ISO data compliance 
  • Live in less than three months

Potez Aéronautique

Automating the future of aeronautics

Potez Aéronautique is a renowned enterprise with specialist expertise within the French aeronautical sector. 

The company was keen to transition from a dated in-house software managed by a single member of staff to a robust ERP system designed specifically for the aerospace and defence industry.

The solution

Potez opted for Forterro’s Helios software as its new core ERP system. More than just a standard production management tool, the new solution afforded full control over costs and resources, while providing complete traceability across all supply chain processes and workshop operations. 

Potez is also benefiting from powerful quality management, planning, purchasing, EDI and reporting functionalities. The platform now brings far more consistency to Potez’s supply chain, where each department finds the data in line with the customer order book. Ultimately it naturally allows the company to improve its service rates.

The results

  • Improved organisational security
  • Efficient mechanical machining
  • Better interface compatibility

Time to bring smart industry to your operations?

These customer stories are just three examples of the thousands of industrial organisations Forterro has supported with digital adoption and transformation. Read more in our customer showcase.


[1] Source: Smart Manufacturing Market Size, Fortune Business Insights