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World-class components, better together

From day one, Forterro has delivered great software solutions serving the industrial mid-market. Each of our products, and the teams that have created and developed them, contribute to our position as a category leader. 
We recognise that your unique journey and industry expertise are valuable assets. By combining those elements with our extensive industry presence, you can enhance your business capabilities and drive them to the next level. 

New ways to grow

As part of smaller businesses with one- or two-product portfolios, perhaps your solutions didn’t always have the financial or human resources to deliver on transformational growth plans. But within Forterro there is a wealth of know-how, infrastructure and capital that can be leveraged to improve operations, uncover new market opportunities and drive value creation – all while staying true to the values that made your software a market leader in the first place. 

Research & development

Forterro’s product and market experts across Europe and around the world share a passion for the industrial mid-market. We work daily to evolve our software and services to solve similar problems for similar customers. And we’re evaluating the shared potential of opportunities presented by new technologies, such as artificial intelligence. As part of our organisation, you’d have access to that innovation – which can positively impact your roadmap and fast-track the features your customers have been asking about for years. 

A partner for the future

Our goal is to make great software products even greater. As your potential partner, we are committed to appreciating and understanding your brand equity, listening to the experience and judgement of your teams, protecting the investments of your customers, and building on your established success. Our strategy has never been, nor ever will be, a race to a single product. We deliver specialisation, championing each of our products in its local geography or market vertical – today, tomorrow and beyond. 

Integration engine

We're not about just ‘closing the deal’, but more about what comes after. Our integration approach and effort focuses on harmonising cultures, leveraging strengths and unlocking value. And we do that with a relentless effort to best serve our three primary stakeholder groups – employees, customers and shareholders – ensuring that the integration process is shaped and paced to deliver success and propel Forterro and our acquired organisations forward, together. 

Recent M&A activity at Forterro

Financial district of Madrid, Spain

Forterro enters Spanish market with acquisition of abas BS

Forterro expands its market footprint in France, and enters the Spanish market, with acquisition of abas BS - a valued partner and reseller of Forterro's Abas ERP product.

Forterro and Proffix teams

Forterro expands its Swiss market footprint with acquisition of Proffix Software AG

Forterro expands its Swiss market footprint with acquisition of Proffix Software AG.

orderwise erp software

Forterro expands UK market footprint with acquisition of Wise Software

Orderwise suite of products adds nearly £18m in revenue and nearly 1,000 customers.

Software solutions 
built for the industrial market.

The Forterro way

We are not simply investors. We're here for the long-term, carefully integrating companies into our infrastructure to ensure that employees and products continue to grow - together with our current 1,600+ colleagues and 14 product lines serving more than 13,000 industrial businesses in Europe and around the world.
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People-first culture 

We believe in happy and fulfilled employees, empowered to support our customers. 

absense management
Advancement opportunities 

Our careers framework offers all colleagues the chance to develop through the organisation. 

Learning & collaboration 

We don’t make change for the sake of it, instead exchanging best practices with new teams. 

multi currency
Revenue acceleration

Extensive resources and experience help you expand in existing markets and leverage new opportunities. 

layers money bills
Revenue sustainability

Leverage our scale and recognition to optimise how you serve and support your customers. 

Industry heritage

Our products are designed for specialised industrial needs, in dedicated geographies. 

stock control
Local operations

We invest in being close to our customers, speaking their language and understanding local complexities. 

multi channel
Expert leadership

Our operational and strategic teams have taken Forterro from strength to strength since 2012. 

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Long-term planning

We drive our own decisions as part of a clearly defined vision – to be Europe’s leading software provider for the industrial mid-market. 

Ready to find out more? Speak to our team about your requirements, and discover why Forterro could be the perfect fit for your business.