Abas expands in DACH with acquisition of resellers in northern Germany

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abas Systemhaus operates as a value-added reseller and serves more than 70 Abas ERP customers throughout northern Germany.

Karlsruhe, Germany, October 20, 2021

Abas Software GmbH (Abas), a leading provider of ERP software to German mid-market manufacturing companies, today announced its acquisition of abas Systemhaus GmbH. 

Headquartered in Reinbek, in the metropolitan region of Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein, abas Systemhaus operates as a value-added reseller and serves more than 70 Abas ERP customers throughout northern Germany. The acquisition gives Abas geographical coverage in an area of Germany it wasn’t previously serving directly.

“While Abas has always been passionate about the success of its customers, we’ve made incredible strides over the past two years to become more directly connected to the companies we’re serving,” said Richard Furby, General Manager of Abas. 

“Today’s news builds on nearly 30 years of partnership. Joining together as one company for the benefit of our shared customers is a major milestone for everyone involved.”

Patrick Markowski, Vice President of Product Management for Abas, agreed. “As a long-time abas employee, it’s been exciting for me to see the benefits of having a more direct relationship with our customers. When we directly service and support them, we have first-hand, unfiltered input from them about what they need. Our offering improves, and our customers get more out of their investment. It’s a simple yet powerful exchange.”

Emmanuel Moritz, Vice President of International Operations for Abas, will step in immediately as interim general manager of abas Systemhaus. John Ohlrau, CEO of abas Systemhaus for the past 20 years, will continue to support the business throughout a transition period. Both leaders will work closely with the existing management team in Reinbek to determine how the business can continue to prosper in northern Germany.

“I’m pleased with this merger for many reasons – but most of all, for the value it will bring to our employees and customers,” said Ohlrau

“As a fully integrated part of Abas, our employees will have better access to product knowledge and a greater pool of resources to draw on to serve customers. Over time, this will translate directly to an improved customer experience – even beyond the already high level of service and support they receive from us today.”

About Abas

From its headquarters in Karlsruhe Germany and through its global ecosystem of industry, product and process experts around the world, Forterro’s product business abas Software GmbH delivers a feature-rich ERP solution that automates, out of the box, the common business processes of discrete manufacturing companies. Niche market leaders throughout the DACH midmarket and the United States choose abas ERP because of the system's ability to be configured and customiszed (while remaining upgradable) to align with their competitively unique and complex business processes. For more information, visit www.abas-erp.com.


About Abas Systemhaus GMBH

abas Systemhaus GmbH is a reseller and systems integrator for the abas ERP solution, serving and supporting more than 70 midmarket manufacturing and trading clients throughout northern Germany. Founded in Reinbek in 1994, the company has remained a key abas ERP partner for more than 25 years. From its headquarters in Reinbek, and offices in Oldenburg and Lübeck, abas Systemhaus GmbH delivers a wide range of services to its customers, including consulting services; ERP project and implementation services; product support; software maintenance and customizations; and IT peripherals. Learn more about abas Systemhaus GmbH.