Forterro makes fifth software acquisition, buys Polish ERP provider BPSC



BPSC increases focus on ERP in Poland

London, UK, Feburary 3, 2017

Forterro®, a group of European ERP software and services companies, today announced that Biuro Projektowania Systemów Cyfrowych SA (BPSC), the leading supplier of Polish-made ERP software for medium and large manufacturers, distributors, and service companies in Poland, joined the Forterro group. The details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Forterro is a collection of ERP companies whose products are built using the local language and industry vernacular of their users, while meeting very specific process, regulatory, and fiduciary requirements,” said Forterro CEO Jeff Tognoni

“They all have an unmatched level of ‘fit’ that helps them win again and again against international vendors. BPSC is no different. The company’s leading market position and large and loyal customer base is a testament to the value of the local and vertical ERP solutions.”

The acquisition marks Forterro’s first investment in Central-Eastern Europe and fifth software acquisition overall. Forterro also has acquired the Swedish ERP software company Jeeves (and its former partner Infocube), the Swiss ERP software company SolvAxis, and the French ERP software company Sylob.

Tognoni stated that BPSC will become Forterro’s fourth European business unit and, like the others, will be operated in collaboration with a local management team. 

We are very excited to begin working with the Polish team to find and prioritize opportunities resulting from the merger.”

Rafał OrawskiPresident of the Management Board of BPSC, agreed. 

“We expect that resources and market experience that Forterro brings to the table will strengthen both our business and our products,” he said. 

He added that, while he is looking forward to making impactful changes, “BPSC’s first priority will be to continue taking care of its customers.”

About BPSC

Headquartered in Katowice, BPSC is the leading supplier of Polish-made ERP software for medium and large manufacturers, distributors, and service companies in Poland. BPSC’s flagship solution, Impuls EVO, brings together production, MRP, logistics, finance, sales, and personnel functionality to deliver an ERP system that meets the needs of more than 400 industrial companies throughout Poland. For more information, visit

About Forterro

Founded in 2012, Forterro is a category-leading provider of specialised software products and services for the industrial market.