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Product: GARP
Country: SWEDEN
Industry: PETS
Pets and accessories
Imazo AB logo

Founded in 1962 by Boo Boxe, Imazo started by exporting exotic animals and birds. They have since expanded to offer a wide range of pet store necessities, including live animals, aquarium fish, and accessories, primarily distributed throughout Scandinavia.

With Garp, Imazo efficiently manages ecommerce, sales, logistics and finance for their extensive range of products. The webshop streamlines customer orders, while logistics functionality ensures smooth and secure deliveries. Doubling its turnover in a decade, Imazo attributes its success in part to Garp's cost-effectiveness and ease of use, fostering confidence in a long-term partnership and adaptability for future development.

"Garp is cost-effective, stable, user-friendly and adaptable. We get no surprises, it just works and can be adapted to the development of our business."

Hans Elfstrand, IT manager

Business transformation through technology

Stability & reliability
for smooth operations

Full business control
from order to delivery

Streamlined e-commerce
with integrated webshop

Efficient logistics
with warehouse tablets

Adaptability & customisation
for a perfect business fit

Financial automation
for easy accounting

Business functionality for SMEs 
in manufacturing, fashion & distribution.