Ekeby Möbler

Customer showcase

Product: GARP
Country: SWEDEN
Ekeby Mobler AB
Ekeby Mobler AB

Crafting business excellence

Founded in 1980, Ekeby Möbler has grown into one of Sweden's largest independent furniture and interior design stores. They are a well-known and passionately driven business, with a strong team of 50 experts.

Ekeby Möbler's search for a smart solution to support their rapid growth and help them to stay competitive led them to Garp. Using specialist and standard elements of the system, including handheld devices, they have streamlined their operations, enhanced efficiency and improved inventory management. Their close partnership with the provider has enabled them to proactively find and implement additional solutions, making them agile and resilient in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.

"It's important to keep up and be where the customer is. Garp is an important part of being able to deliver the safe and good service we strive for."

Ingela Jönsson, IT Manager

Business transformation through technology

Competitive pricing
with operational cost savings

Accessible data
on the go

Real-time inventory visibility
with efficient stock management

Manual processes reduced
with handheld devices

Scalable functionality
to keep up with growth

Accessibility & flexibility
to meet customer demand

Business functionality for SMEs 
in manufacturing, fashion & distribution.