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Product: JEEVES
Country: SWEDEN 
Industry: FOOD
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Supporting business growth in food production

Following a period of consistent growth and increasing sales, Nybergs Deli reached a point where it could no longer rely on an incumbent ERP solution – one that was made up of several smaller applications. As described by their CFO, “Our industry is characterised by large volumes, smaller margins and high demands on quality. This makes the ability to monitor the entire production flow, and of course traceability, extremely important.” With proven capabilities in the food industry, Nybergs selected Jeeves as its new ERP software – helping them to achieve uniform procedures, greater process control and better reporting visibility. 

“We lacked the necessary integration to be able to monitor materials consumption and perform real-time spreadsheet follow-ups. Jeeves provides us with that opportunity and, as we also have QlikView integrated into Jeeves, it is easy for us to design our own reports and for staff to obtain an overview. The fact that we can also act and take decisions more quickly is incredibly important in a tough, fast-paced industry.”

Katarina Hellsén Jarvin, CFO and Co-Owner

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