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Product: SILOG
Country: FRANCE

Innovators in algae 
step up with automation

Agrimer, based in Plouguerneau, France, is a leading Breton industrial firm specialising in harvesting, processing and utilising marine resources, especially algae from regional coasts. Their Seaweed Caviar received the prestigious 'Best Functional' Gold Award in 2016, surpassing global giants. 

Agrimer adopted Silog to transition from paper-based management after a fire incident, choosing it based on recommendations from competitors in the same region and industry. The system aligns with their needs and constraints, and the benefits Agrimer have witnessed as a result speak for themselves.

“It was 'word of mouth' that made us decide to consult Silog. All our competitors, mainly in the same region – raw materials required – were already equipped with Silog ERP. We therefore naturally turned to this solution. We knew that it was recognised in our sector of activity and that it would meet all of our constraints and needs."

Patrice Vigoroux, Supply Manager

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