Bouhyer Group

Customer showcase

Product: SILOG
Country: FRANCE
Industry: LOGISTICS 

Revolutionising production management

Bouhyer Group, with two foundries in Loire Atlantique and the Ardennes, is Europe's top counterweight producer, specialising in GL cast iron counterweights from 500 kg to 25 tonnes. After experiencing a significant growth surge, the business recognised the need for a more structured IT system to enhance its production management. 
With Silog, they efficiently handle manufacturing orders, real-time monitoring, quality control, and non-conformities. Additionally, Silog facilitates macro-orders for seamless intra-group subcontracting, automating orders, receipts and purchase invoices between production sites without manual input.

"Given our activity, equipping the company with a more structured tool to manage our production had become essential."

Jean-Pierre Moreau, DSI

Business transformation through technology

Efficiently launched 20,000
manufacturing orders
Real-time monitoring
with 15 terminals
Automated labelling
and shipment
Seamless intra-group
Improved quality control
non-conformity management

Specialised ERP software supporting 
more than 300 industrial SMEs.