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Product: SILOG
Country: FRANCE
Industry: LOGISTICS 

Pioneering excellence in logistics solutions 

Baléa, a renowned company specialising in cutting-edge solutions for order preparation in logistics warehouses, has solidified its presence as a key player across diverse industries. With a primary focus on the cosmetics, pharmacy and logistics sectors, Baléa serves both large logistics specialists and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as ecommerce.

As leaders in their field, Baléa embarked on a transformative journey in 2014. The company, already a seasoned user of the Silog since 1995, found itself at a critical juncture, facing substantial growth challenges. It was during this period they made the strategic decision to undertake a comprehensive overhaul of their information system. 

"Thanks to the expertise of a Silog consultant, a scenario which exceeds all our expectations. We are now capable of seeing directly on the screen the content of the launches to be taken, and they disappear as soon as the line-side preparation is carried out."

Aymeric Pujol-Rey, Logistics Manager

Business transformation through technology

Enhanced real-time
inventory management
Streamlined operations
and processes
Significant annual
production savings
Improved customer
demand responsiveness
Digitalisation of workflows
for efficiency

Specialised ERP software supporting 
more than 300 industrial SMEs.