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Product: 123INSIGHT 
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A journey to the right MRP system

Cygnus Instruments, located in Dorchester, Dorset, is the leading manufacturer of multiple-echo ultrasonic thickness gauges used for measuring remaining metal thickness without the need to remove protective coatings.

Despite an MRP system being put in place in 2011, process mapping revealed it hindered business expansion due to inefficiency and poor user-friendliness. After comparing various systems and considering an upgrade, they thoroughly analysed costs and benefits for all options. Ultimately, 123Insight proved superior in every way, standing out as the optimal choice.

"We'd never had anything like that before when implementing the previous system. It was all so spot on."

Lulu Crosthwaite-Eyre, Managing Director

Business transformation through technology

Streamlined dispatch with
cross-trained ops staff
Instant traceability reports
down from two days to 'minutes'
Enhanced cashflow via
integrated Accounts Gateway
Efficient inbound & outbound
deliveries consolidation
Boosted marketing activity
through CRM+
Potential for further growth
without more team members

Manufacturing software 
delivering business efficiency.