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Empowering growth 
with MRP automation

Based in Greater Manchester, Heatsense Cables is a renowned manufacturer of high-performance cables and wires tailored for use in extreme environments. During the early 2000s, the company underwent substantial growth, doubling its operations in a short span. In response to this expansion, Heatsense recognised the need for internal procedural adjustments to sustain their growth momentum and enhance operational efficiency.

Recognising the limitations of conventional spreadsheet and paper-based processes, the company embraced the adoption of a contemporary Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system, 123Insight. This strategic shift played a pivotal role in streamlining their operations, bolstering productivity, and fortifying their competitive position.

"We could easily double in size with 123Insight. We didn’t stop throughout the pandemic, employing more shop floor staff, buying more machinery and taking on extra premises."

Aaron Hulse, Commercial Manager

Business transformation through technology

Paperwork reduced
by 20%
Lead times
reduced by 10%
Ex-stock items
despatched 50% quicker
30% growth and potential
to double without more staff
Acquired AS9100
Implemented remotely
during the pandemic

Manufacturing software 
delivering business efficiency.