Customer showcase

Product: ABAS
Country: GERMANY
Industry: PLASTICS

Empowering production with innovative software

Anton Debatin GmbH, with a history dating back to 1923, has evolved into a leading plastic film processing company known for innovative packaging solutions. In 2001, they adopted Abas to accommodate growth and enhance flexibility. 

Abas seamlessly integrated into Debatin's operations, allowing for seamless production data capture and rapid financial accounting. This adaptability has empowered the team at Debatin to tailor solutions for individual customer needs.

“The flexibility that convinced us in the decision-making process has been confirmed again and again over the past 20 years."

Thomas Rose, Managing Director

Business transformation through technology

Debatin among top 100
innovative mid-market companies
Zero downtime during
smooth software implementation
Chose Abas in 2001
for growth and adaptability

A comprehensive ERP solution 
for mid-market manufacturers.