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Product: ABAS
Country: GERMANY
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A century of innovation & automation

Founded in 1909, the Speck Group has been a driving force of innovation in liquid and gas pumping for over a century. Their diverse portfolio now encompasses pumps, compressors and motors serving industries from pharmaceuticals to automotive and wind turbines. 

In 2008, Speck implemented Abas, leveraging its exceptional flexibility, user-friendly interface and customisation features. Now, the software plays a critical role in driving Speck's mechanical engineering operations, streamlining their processes and unifying workflows.

"All in all, we are very well positioned with Abas and thanks to the high level of customisation, we also have the security of being able to optimally react to potential requirements with flexible adjustments.”

Torsten Hahn, COO and Authorized Signatory

Business transformation through technology

Delivery times
reduced by 50%
Enhanced flexibility
and user-friendliness
Global implementation
with seven-step methodology
Multi-site efficiency through
real-time data exchange
Customisations ensure
complete adaptability
Reduced quotation phase
from 14 days to 15 minutes

A comprehensive ERP solution 
for mid-market manufacturers.