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daycare software

Centralising childcare services
with ERP automation

EFAJE, the association for family support and day care for children, collaborates with Gros-de-Vaud municipalities to enhance and manage day care services. Its structure includes a general administration and three service departments, providing care for over 2,300 children across 31 member municipalities.

They implemented our Proconcept ERP product in 2015 to centralise operations, resulting in task reduction, improved accounting, and enhanced collaboration. In 2021, they migrated to Proconcept's latest version for remote access and enhanced invoicing. The solution's adaptability and scalability have been key to their success.

"Proconcept really adapted to our operation, which was not always possible for other tools that we had pre-selected. Choosing Proconcept was the guarantee of having a scalable tool. We knew that with an ERP that also addresses the world of industry and business, we were choosing the future and performance!"

Olivier Simon, General Director 

Business transformation through technology

Centralised administration
for efficiency
Reduced staff through
Enhanced financial &
operational traceability
Migration to web version
for remote work
Invoice enhancements
for efficiency
Scalable tool for
future performance

End-to-end ERP software 
for industrial companies.