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Industry: CLOCKS

Time-honored craftsmanship
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Swiza, a mechanical clock manufacturing specialist established in 1904, proudly presents the Swiza, l'Epée 1839, and Mathew Norman brands. With nearly 100 dedicated employees, the company offers products across various brands and themes, each comprising 400 to 900 components. Swiza takes pride in its fully integrated manufacturing process. 

In 2016, the business made a game-changing decision by implementing Proconcept ERP, recognising the necessity for an information system overhaul. This decision not only effectively supported Swiza's growth without expanding their workforce, but also brought significant improvements in response times and overall efficiency.

"Initially, we managed four to five major projects per year. Today, we are working with 10-12 projects to ultimately integrate even more. The Proconcept ERP supported us in our progress, both in terms of volume and complexity of the data to manage." 

Thierry Siebenborn, Operations Improvement & Optimisation 

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