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From UK leader to global expansion

Founded in 2002, Obaby has evolved into a leading manufacturer and distributor of nursery furniture. With a strong presence in the UK market, the family-run company has grown to provide an award-winning range of products to major retailers.

In a strategic move that took place in 2020, Obaby implemented OrderWise, a transformation that has yielded remarkable results, propelling the firm towards a 30% year-on-year surge in outbound orders. Fueled by this success, Obaby is now set to extend its reach into Europe and the Middle East.

“The biggest impact is visibility and efficiency. Everyone can see everything, it’s all on the screen and it refreshes quickly and automatically every time you change a tab. Pushing out automated reports, despatch notes, notifications. Everything is saved.”

Lewis Strellis, Procurement Analyst

Business transformation through technology

25% increase
in weekly order processing
30% increase
in year-on-year outbound orders
110,000+ orders despatched 
a year with just 5 people
Accuracy ensured 
through manual error elimination
Visibility of all activity
 across the business in real-time
Customer experience maximised 
with faster response times

Cutting-edge ERP, WMS 
and ecommerce software