Sam Turner & Sons

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Sam Turner & Sons - farm and garden equipment supplier
Sam Turner & Sons

Growth, powered by automation & integration

Sam Turner & Sons is a leading farm and country equipment supplier. In recent years, they have expanded to larger premises in the north-east of England, with three additional retail stores and a growing ecommerce operation.

Although they had already invested in older ERP products, their systems did not provide the level of operational efficiency required to facilitate their planned business growth. OrderWise's depth of functionality offered the scalability to help the team meet its current and future demands. And with the solution, Sam Turner & Sons has achieved unprecedented results in its warehouses, offices, stores and transportation operations.

"We're more efficient and more automated, but that hasn't meant we need to get rid of staff, we've been able to repurpose them. Using staff more efficiently has increased profit margins."

Ian Place, Company Accountant

Business transformation through technology

50,000 monthly orders 
through EPOS
570% increase  
in online orders
100,000 increase  
in active customers
20% increase  
in annual turnover
16% increase   
in annual net profit
18% increase   
in order processing

Cutting-edge ERP, WMS 
and ecommerce software.