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Product: CLIPPER
Country: FRANCE
Industry: METALS

Modernisation through automation

PEYRE, a family-owned business led by Chairman and CEO Yoan Eskinazi, specialises in three core areas: smokemaking, ventilation duct manufacturing and precision sheet metal work. The latter now constitutes 60% of the company's activities, involving the production of mechanically welded assemblies for various sectors. 

The integration of Clipper has driven significant operational enhancements, streamlining production tracking, customer relations and overall organisational efficiency. This initiative has been part of a broader transformation effort geared towards modernising production tools, organisational structures, and the factory layout. Clipper remains at the forefront of making this effort a reality. 

"I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised by Clipper because it has very deep functional coverage. It is perfectly suited to its market and our business, with for example its quote management dedicated to sheet metal workers, or the optimisation of cutting and scrap, essential in our activity."

Yoan Eskinazi, Chairman and CEO 

Business transformation through technology

production monitoring 
Streamlined overall
company organisation
customer monitoring 
delivery times 

A leading production 
management ERP solution.