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Product: HELIOS
Country: FRANCE

Leading the way in 
aeronautical mechanics

In the world of aeronautical mechanics, Staero, a company based in Bayonne, is leading the way. Established in 1989, Staero mainly focuses on machining and assembly. They're a key subcontractor for major players like Dassault Aviation and the Potez Aéronautique group. 

Recent investments have enabled Staero to expand into new sectors and strengthen their digitalisation efforts. Their enduring partnership with Helios, dating back to 1998, has played a crucial role in streamlining production and boosting efficiency.

"We are one of the first users of the Helios. It was in 1998 that my father chose the tool. At the time, the 'in-house' tool no longer met our expectations at all. Helios has such a reputation in the aeronautics sector that its choice was natural."

Jean-Baptiste Faure, CEO

Business transformation through technology

Long-term users
of Helios
production management 
Digitalisation &
industry 4.0 focus

ERP software designed 
for the aerospace sector.