Potez Aéronautique

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Product: HELIOS
Country: FRANCE

Automating the future of aeronautics

Potez Aéronautique, a family-owned enterprise, has cultivated extraordinary expertise within the French aeronautical sector. By embracing its rich heritage, the company actively steers the future of aeronautics, exemplifying a new generation poised to confront an array of challenges.

The transition from an in-house ERP, managed by a single individual, became imperative for organisational sustainability and security. Helios, renowned for its excellence in mechanical machining, proved to be a game-changer, benefiting not only the aeronautical sector but also industrial subcontracting.

"This single tool allows us to bring consistency to our supply chain where each department finds the data in line with the customer order book. Ultimately it naturally allows us to improve our service rates."

Nicolas Sornet, IT Manager 

Business transformation through technology

organisational security
mechanical machining
supply chain consistency
Interface compatibility
with other systems

ERP software designed 
for the aerospace sector.