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About the software

123Insight is an end-to-end MRP and ERP solution for manufacturers. It helps businesses achieve efficiency through control, visibility and traceability in their operations – ultimately supporting their long-term growth. Our customers choose the product because the same off-the-shelf software can be used by all shapes, types and sizes of organisation, and it’s suitable for different styles of manufacturing. As well as core production functionality, 123Insight offers business intelligence, CRM, and integration with various accounting packages. 

Powering the businesses
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“We're just delighted with the software, and we love the way the company runs. Without being too clichéd the support has been exemplary. I wish more suppliers would offer that level of support.”        

Guy Janney, Managing Director
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“When dealing with 123Insight you feel, quite rightly, that you are dealing with a team that cares, rather than being in a 'take it or leave it' situation.”

Nigel Godwin, Director
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“I could confidently say that we could triple or quadruple our turnover without employing any more admin staff to look after stock or purchase orders.”

Seamus McAleenan, Engineering Manager
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“123Insight is the cheapest employee we have in the building. To add five production facilities, four warehouses and 800-900% growth with the same resources speaks for itself.”

Ciaran Doyle, CFO
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“We simply could not have made the transition from distributor to manufacturer without 123Insight. We really do feel that we get value for money from it every month.”

Pam Casson, Managing Director
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“The return on investment is very short for the level of investment we made. It’s within the first few months of use – almost instantaneous.”

Rob Pritchard, Sales Director
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“I don’t think I ever put a financial value on the time spent on things, but 123Insight is not only the cheapest employee in the company, it’s also the hardest working. You don’t appreciate the areas that it will save you money until it’s in place.”

Tom Tew, Operations Manager
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“123Insight has exceeded our expectations. We now have a system that does everything we wanted incredibly well, and it also includes other features we didn’t think of.”

Nigel Slator, MD
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“We could easily double in size with 123Insight. We didn’t stop throughout the pandemic, employing more shop floor staff, buying more machinery and taking on extra premises.”

Aaron Hulse, Commercial Manager
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“I would say that 123Insight has easily paid for itself inside a year, but my gut feeling is maybe half of that. I reckon that we could grow by a third before we would need to take on another person in operations or admin because of how much we can process through 123Insight.”  

Lulu Crossthwaite-Eyre, MD
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Attend six days of training and learn the system. If 123Insight isn’t suitable, then you can walk away with nothing to pay.


Work with a dedicated mentor who will guide you through your tried-and-tested implementation from start to finish.


Be flexible with no minimum contract period. Use the number of licences you need each month – and adjust any time.

See how flexible, feature-rich manufacturing software could save you time and money.