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The BPSC Impuls EVO solution offers advanced features for managing finances, personnel, production, sales and logistics. The functional areas of the system are connected by processes that align with the practical requirements of customers – reflecting and helping to improve their operations. Suitable for medium and large enterprises, the product supports the specialised nature of production and manufacturing. And it is ideal for both fast-growing organisations and mature companies that have established a strong market position. 

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“We wanted to get information on what stage a given production order is at, who made them, when and how effectively. Thanks to the touch screens integrated with the ERP system, we know who performs the order, we also know when the machine is not working and for what reasons. Importantly, all information is provided on an ongoing basis.”

Stawomir Zieleziński, Head of IT
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“We have dramatically shortened the time from designing the device to its implementation into production. Previously it took about a month, today it takes one or two days. It took up to nine months to implement a completely new silo structure into production, now three weeks pass from the idea to the launch of the product on the market.”

Daniel Janusz, President of the Management Board
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“One of the most important advantages of the Impuls system is the technical preparation of production. The system includes the technologies of each heating element. At any time, we have information on material, technical or organisational needs. When the order goes into production, we know what the material needs will be, and what is the delivery date of the material or semi-finished product. Thanks to this, we can easily fulfil the order on time.”

Dariusz Pilawski, Heating Elements Production Manager
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