ZPM Biegun

Customer showcase

Product: BPSC
Country: POLAND
Industry: FOOD
zpm beigun

Modernising traditional processes with digitalisation

ZPM Biegun has a long history of butchering that goes all the way back to the 1950s. Today the company that employs more than 130 people stands as a prominent force in meat product manufacturing within its local market. In response to the increasing complexity of production processes, ZPM Biegun underwent a comprehensive digitisation effort in 2013. Transitioning from outdated paper-based and spot-based software methods, the company partnered with BPSC. The solution unified all vital areas in the business, allowing for the company to adapt and expand its capabilities.  

"The presentation of the system in our company convinced us that this is exactly the solution we need. We can closely follow the production process and monitor the performance. At the same time, we are able to flexibly expand the functionality of the application as we develop."

Piotr Biegun, President 

Business transformation through technology

Traceability and real-time data
enhances food safety
Allergen tracking ensures
customer quality control
Clear reports enhance
raw material production
BRC food safety standards
met within three hours
83 products across five lines
maintained efficiently
Traditional recipes safe
in a modern solution

Used by hundreds of discrete 
and process manufacturers.