Customer showcase

Product: BPSC
Country: POLAND

From local roots to global heights

With a widespread presence in more than 30 countries, Deftrans has established itself as a leading player in the global home furnishing landscape. In 2009, Deftrans took a pivotal step by adopting an ERP solution to lay the foundation for remarkable growth.
As the BPSC Impuls system came into play, the company's revenues surged from PLN 20 million to well over PLN 100 million. This success story was accompanied by a systematic expansion of the ERP platform, notably through the integration of a WMS module across two of Deftrans' warehouses, the implementation of EDI capabilities, and the introduction of solutions supporting multi-company operations. 

"Thanks to the touch screens, we know who is performing the order, we also know when the machine is not working and for what reasons. Importantly, all information is provided on an ongoing basis, and the head of production has an online view of the machine department from behind his desk."

Sławomir Zieleziński, Head of the IT Department

Business transformation through technology

Revenue surge from
PLN 20m to over PLN 100m
Production efficiency
increase of up to 30%
Distribution savings led
to new job creation
Downtime reduction
noted in production
Shorter warehouse processes
led to fewer errors

Used by hundreds of discrete 
and process manufacturers.