End-to-end ERP software for industrial companies.

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About the software

Businesses choose Proconcept because it is a local, Swiss-made ERP solution that has been designed to fit the legal, financial and process requirements of Swiss companies – particularly those in the manufacturing sector. Since 1987, it has offered innovative and proven capabilities, rich functionality and deep integrations – leveraged by more than 1,000 customers and 15,000+ software users. 

Powering the businesses
powering the future™

“For us, as a commercial company, the ERP system is absolutely central.”

Robert Ingold, Director
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“Proconcept truly adapted to our operation, which was not always possible for other tools that we had selected. Choosing Proconcept was the guarantee of having an evolving tool. We knew that with an ERP that addresses the world of industry and business, we were choosing the future and performance!”

Olivier Simon, Managing Director
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“It allows very easy access to information for our employees and therefore more efficiency.”

Frank Calvo Gimenez, IT Manager
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“Proconcept has supported us in our progress, both in terms of volume and complexity of the data managed. What is significant to me is that we’ve been able to manage this growth with a constant workforce.”

Thierry Siebenborn, Improvement and Optimisation
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A complete ERP solution, developed for the Swiss market

Proconcept delivers comprehensive functionality for organisations in the private and public sectors. It is used by small and mid-size businesses that want a complete ERP for the industrial market, as well as large groups and institutions looking for an integrated and flexible finance, payroll and HR-oriented software product.

Local experience

ERP software designed and developed in Switzerland for Swiss requirements.

Sector expertise

Continuous engagement with the industrial market for more than 30 years.

Innovative technology

At the cutting edge of ERP solutions, agile in competitive and fast-paced markets.

Discover the powerful ERP solution meeting the needs of Swiss SMEs.