Customer showcase

Product: SYLOB
Country: FRANCE
automotive industry

Efficiency & reliability guaranteed

The AFF family group, a French manufacturer of fastening elements for the automotive and industrial sectors, has implemented the Sylob SaaS product, starting with its Saint-Florent site in Cher. They highlighted the need for precise management of their activity, long-term visibility and compliance with industry standards. 
Sylob's solution, which is adaptable to various factory sizes and offers modules for production planning and net requirements calculation, has provided the necessary tools to meet these requirements effectively. After a year of use, the AFF group has found Sylob to be an efficient and reliable partner, facilitating better load anticipation and offering an ergonomic and intuitive interface for users. They plan to continue deploying the ERP to the group's other sites by 2026.

"Sylob is a real partner who supports us in our project. We were able to start calmly, without impact for our customers. We now have long-term visibility of our activity, we can better anticipate the load according to our production capacity."

Adrien Senly, Supply Chain Manager

Business transformation through technology

Multi-company adaptability 
for diverse factories
Enhanced production planning
& net requirements calculation
Improved market
fluctuation anticipation
Efficient communication &
Galia standards compliance
Smooth transition without
customer impact
Long-term visibility &
future expansion

End-to-end SaaS ERP 
for industrial companies.