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Product: SYLOB
Industry: PLASTICS

Transforming technical plastics & composites

Since 1989, Axyal has specialised in developing innovative solutions in materials and processes, and the industrial transformation of technical plastics and composites. As a leader in transforming technical plastics and composites for the aerospace and defence sectors, Axyal chose Sylob to meet its demanding specifications.

The business required a powerful tool for data archiving, planning, scheduling and traceability, especially for the aeronautics sector. After 18 months, Sylob has digitised their processes, improved productivity and ensured compliance with quality standards, enhancing their performance in the aerospace industry.

"This unique expertise in combining transformation technologies intended for the interior world has forged our reputation on these demanding markets since it allows us to provide the best technical and technical response."

Sébastien Tarride, Sales and Development Director

Business transformation through technology

Meeting demanding
Improved traceability,
especially in aeronautics
Improved digitalised

End-to-end SaaS ERP 
for industrial companies.