Customer showcase

Product: SYLOB
Country: FRANCE
Industry: FURNITURE 

Adapting to evolving needs

Larbaletier, a furniture designer and manufacturer since 1977, has successfully adapted to evolving customer needs. Their unique position in the market includes standard, made-to-order, and custom-made products.

Growth led them to choose Sylob, a versatile and open ERP system, to enhance their business processes. The integrated configurator streamlines industrialization, reduces non-conformities by 10%, and supports future projects. 


"Only Sylob had the criteria to support us in this process of improving all flows, from order entry to shipping without losing our added value based on product customization, quality, creativity and flexibility towards customer needs."

Pierre Larbaletier, D.-GA

Business transformation through technology

Versatile software for 
complex operations
Sylob supports substantial 
business growth
Integrated configurator 
streamlines industrialisation
10% reduction 
in non-conformities
Simplified daily management
with dashboards
Flexibility for future projects

ERP dedicated to
industrial companies