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Product: CLIPPER
Country: FRANCE
décolletage du berry
décolletage du berry

Supporting a 4.0 initiative 

In 2019, Sylvain Croquet assumed control of Décolletage du Berry, a company with a history spanning over a century. The company specialises in precision metal bar machining and caters to diverse sectors, including aeronautics, medical, defence and materials handling. 

Recognising the importance of modernising their production infrastructure, Sylvain Croquet swiftly initiated investments aimed at digitising the entire factory operations. The pivotal role in this transformation is played by the Clipper, which Décolletage du Berry has been leveraging since 2016.

"At the end of 2019, we attended a presentation of Version 9, the last major version of the tool. We very quickly migrated to this version because it was 'day and night' in terms of functionality, in terms of the Gantt chart, infinite planning and dashboards for example. This migration was accompanied by a global modernisation of our IT equipment, which was until then very dated."

Sylvain Croquet, Principal Executive

Business transformation through technology

Improved communication 
with machines
paperless operations

A leading production 
management ERP solution.