Découpage Mécanique Générale

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Product: CLIPPER
Country: FRANCE
Industry: MACHINERY 
clipper dmg erp solution

Digital transformation 
delivered by automation

Established in the 1940s, DMG has honed its expertise in a diverse array of precision manufacturing processes. From press cutting to crimping, the business has mastered a comprehensive spectrum of techniques. Their clientele spans various sectors, ranging from individual customers to skilled metal crafters and larger industrial enterprises.

Empowered by the need for digital transformation, DMG embarked on a transformative journey in 2018 by adopting Clipper. The software effectively handled DMG's cycled parts, preserved vital data and facilitated optimisation projects. This implementation led to concrete advantages such as time savings, heightened product quality and improved organisational efficiency, resulting in reduced lead times. 

"Before, we wasted time searching for information, today we know that it exists in the system. Then, a gain in quality with a very clear reduction in our non-conformities. Previously, it happened that certain operations, particularly at the level of parts control, were simply forgotten."

Corentin Bole, Production Manager 

Business transformation through technology

Time savings in
information retrieval
Reduction in
Enhanced efficiency
in production
Facilitated a
digitalisation process

A leading production 
management ERP solution.