Specialised ERP software supporting more than 300 industrial SMEs.

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About the software

Silog is a comprehensive ERP solution for industrial SMEs in France. The product’s deep features support and automate all functions of a company, from quote to cash. Meeting both discrete and process manufacturing requirements, the system specialises in production planning and MRP, as well as purchasing, inventory, logistics and CRM.

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“The software allows us to be autonomous, we can create new fields, make the customisations we need, and quickly and easily extract our data in many formats. Today we manage all our data in Silog, which we use fully and with which we are satisfied.”

Pascal Jaquier, Site Director
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“Silog allows us to have a system that mages both manufacturing in very large series, and special one-off productions. We now have a tool giving us a precise view of production costs across the entire industrial site. Costs are broken down by launch, product or product family.”

Patrice Malavieille, President
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"We now have an ERP capable of managing our manufacturing site. All incoming and outgoing goods from the logistics platform are traced from the slaughterhouse to the finished product. The functionality makes it possible to carry out commercial forecasts and plan production accordingly.”

Francois Daulne, IT Director
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Complete ERP for small business

Silog helps industrial SMEs handle their central functions – technical data, sales, purchasing, stock, production, after-sales service, maintenance, finance and business reporting.


A business management tool for all those involved in company activities.


Computer aided production management helping to control manufacturing processes.


Optimised production planning software, integrated with ERP applications.

Meeting the specialised needs of VSEs and SMEs in the industrial market.