End-to-end SaaS ERP for industrial companies.

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About the software

Sylob is an integrated, full-service ERP SaaS product, designed to be easy to implement and use – while still delivering the functional depth and expert services required by growing industrial businesses. The solution is differentiated by its containerised Docker architecture, which provides customers with high application availability, flexibility and security. More than 600 industrial SMEs have chosen Sylob because it is a modern, open and configurable ERP software that is ideal for supporting the evolution and digitalisation of their business.

Powering the businesses
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“The strengths are the ease of access, the intuitive learning that allows everyone to use it very easily despite the extent of its functionality.”

Christophe Grateau, Business Manager
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“The real revolution for us was the implementation of dashboards. They are a real basis of control. The dashboards gave the ERP its full meaning.”

Cécile Raoul, Marketing Manager
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“It allows us to achieve a high level of compliance with quality requirements and to respond effectively to business issues in aeronautics.”

Sébastien Tarride, Sales and Development Director
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“On the production site, the time savings were significant. The integration between our tools – the ERP, our traceability system and our production equipment – has enabled us to automate processes, making the risk of error almost zero.” 

Pierre Ball, Sales Director
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“We now have long-term visibility of our activity, we can better anticipate the load according to our production capacity. The tool is ergonomic and intuitive, which facilitates its handling, including by new employees. The depth of its configuration is a perfect response to our changing needs and guarantees that the tool can survive over time.”

Adrien Senly, Supply Chain Manager
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“The modularity of the software allows us in 90% of cases to put things in place without carrying out specific developments, which is perfectly suited to support our future projects such as after-sales management. This is essentially in new of our constant development.”

Pierre Larbaletier, Business Leader
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A complete and scalable ERP solution, available in the cloud, designed to help small and mid-sized industrial businesses optimise and grow.

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