Rachel Espinosa

Rachel Espinosa | Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

Rachel Espinosa is Forterro’s first Chief of Staff, helping to coordinate and drive forward our company-wide strategy and transformation initiatives. She is instrumental in the execution of what’s known as the Forterro 3.0 vision, supporting the executive team and wider business to deliver our objectives and key results.


Rachel is a driven and energetic leader with 20 years of experience in senior business roles. She has a breadth of knowledge across sales, operations and customer experience – and is a strategic thinker with the ability to cut through complexity and create easy-to-adopt business workflows. 

Prior to Forterro, Rachel ran her own consulting business delivering transformation programmes in customer management, process redesign, business acquisition and integration, rebranding and repositioning. She has held positions at Amazon, leveraging her expertise to drive significant cost efficiencies and improved user experience. And Rachel also played a key role in the growth of Refinitiv, which resulted in its acquisition by London Stock Exchange.