Massimiliano (Max) Madama

Max Madama | CRO

Chief Revenue Officer

Max joined Forterro in November 2023 and focuses on our end-to-end go-to-market (GTM) excellence, from strategy to execution. His scope of work and passion encompasses Sales, Marketing and Revenue Operations, helping to drive towards our goals for revenue growth, EBITDA growth and value creation.


Having led several sales and marketing functions, often focused on SaaS and cloud transformation programmes, Max’s leadership and experience are well recognised in the software industry. He has delivered success for fast-growing and acquisitive PE-owned and publicly listed organisations, building GTM engines from the ground up or perfecting those already established. Earlier in his career, Max operated in transaction services and commercial finance – and over the past 25 years has lived and worked internationally, developing a culturally aware, people-first and inclusive leadership style. 

Max earned a master’s degree in economics and business administration at the University of Bologna in Italy, and Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.