Bruce Trewhella

Bruce Trewhella | SVP, M&A

Senior Vice President, 
Mergers & Acquisitions

Appointed to turbo-charge our M&A strategy, Bruce Trewhella came to Forterro in February 2023 - and he drives our acquisition execution across all regions, in collaboration with local leaders.


Bruce brings a wealth of experience to our team, having managed successful acquisitions of mid-market technology companies during his time as a director in the M&A team at The Access Group.  

A qualified Chartered Accountant in his native Australia, Bruce is now based in London and is a member of the Forterro Executive Board. He leads a high-performance team that is responsible for sourcing, acquiring and integrating multiple acquisitions across Europe each year. In doing so he is focused on driving key initiatives that enhance company value and deliver for Forterro’s customers, employees and investors.